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Ernst Stieberitz

1877 -  1945


     Ernst Stieberitz was a well known and respected conductor in Germany who gained prominence between the wars. His importance as a march composer equals that of Franz von Blon, Hermann Blankenburg, Carl Tieke and Paul Linke.

     He began his musical career as a flautist, and entered military service in 1896 when he was eighteen. He was assigned to the 8th Rhenish Infantry band. In 1899 he was transferred to the Danzig Infantry band. In 1902 he was sent to study at the Royal Academy of Music in Berlin. He completed the bandmasters course in three years and at age of only twenty-nine became the bandmaster of the Danzig Infantry band. The list of the band, shows that the musicians were very proficient on both band and orchestral instruments.

     During the Great War (WWI) most musicians were involved in  war time duties. Following the war, Stieberitz returned to his prewar employment as director of the Danzig 128th  Infantry band.

     The city of Danzig was declared a free city and all of the German Troops departed including the band. However, he was given the direction of the State Police band This band which was totally military in structure became one of the finest ever organized in the German Republics. Steiberitz  had developed into a superb leader and showman.

     As the dark clouds of war rose again Stieberitz continued to play concerts and for his work he was promoted to the rank of major. He was killed during a Russian bombing raid on Danzig in 1945.

     He wrote numerous works for the concert and parade band including sixty marches. His arrangements of orchestral works were of extremely high standard. Two of his marches remain very prominent today and demonstrate his enormous legacy to the military band repertoire. They are It is Sunday, (Sonntag ist's) and Under the Star of the Guard (Unter dem Gardestern).

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